All about fish and mammals around the world in one site!

This site is all about the fish you may love or hate! It includes almost every species of fish known to our knowledge and will hopefully keep updating to add more species to learn about. We will try our hardest to help you with information crutial to learning. We hope this guide will help you with learing about a life at the risk of dying with the constant polluting of our lakes, rivers and oceans that still continues today sadly. You can help our seas by recycling, stay away from dangerous chemicals and especially do not use them near lakes or rivers because most of them usually leads to an ocean.

The Blue Marlin!

About Us

Our site began as a project for school but we started to like it a lot so we continued it to work on it adding pages continuesly. We take the time to offer the information that is vital to learning about the animals you love in the ocean.


We offer up-to-date information about fish and mammals that live in the 5 oceans and freshwater fish around the globe today!

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Most of these pictures you see heer are being threatened by pollution, global warming and other disasters which are creating mass killings of these precious beings. Sea turtles are choking on plastics being dumped into the oceans and dying. Dolphins in Japan are being killed massively every year in small towns. They are also being captured to be put in aquariums and shows. The gl0bal warming effect is killing seals, sea lions, walruses and polar bears alike in the North Pole. On the South Pole, penguins are losing their ice to live on as well as other parts of the world that are frozen or were frozen. The habitat of fish is being polluted every minute by factories, dumps, etc. They usually dump toxic chemicals, garbage and other pollutants into lakes, rivers and oceans they are near because they are too lazy to properly get rid of them instead of dumping into a system of water that is vital to the existence of life on earth.

This website is about the basic information of the fish, crustaceans, mammals, squid, etc you love in one big site! Each page offers the info you need to learn about these amazing creatures. With the information given to you comes the picture and the ocational map of where the animal lives and what it looks like offered to you to use as a database. Each page contains information about a group of animals that share the same classification example: Whales, Rays etc. These pages offer the basic info that describes the animal, fish, mammal and most other things that live in water. If you have a request to make contact us in the "contact us" page now!


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