Eels are basically fish but have been stretched out making them very long. Their body does not have any pelvic fins. Most of them live in shallow ocean water and make a home in rocks, mud or sand. They are mostly nocturnal so we do not see them often. Even some species of Eel live in freshwater but have to return to the ocean to breed. A small amount of species of Eel even manage to live on the bottom of the ocean at a depth of 13 000 ft (4000 m). Human uses for Eels is mostly in the food industry. In the Japanese food sushi, Eels are commonly eaten with it. Eels are also consumed in North America and Europe. Smoked Eels are favored in certain countries in Europe.



The Giant Moray Eel is found usually in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean around East Africa, Fiji, near Hawaii and the Ryukyu islands near Japan. Its habitat is in reefs and lagoons. Its average length is around 3 meters (9.8 meters) and weighs around 66 pounds (30 kg). Its diet consists of mainly crustaceans and fish. If you ever go scuba diving and spot this animal, it may attack unprovoked or provoked either way so the number 1 tip: stay away from it. It is at the top of its food chain so it may be poisonous if eaten. Most likely, you will be poisoned. 


The European Eel, at the maximum, is around 1.5 meters long (4.9 ft) but are usually smaller. They live in freshwater rivers in Europe and sometimes North America and migrate to the sea to spawn and die. The European Eel's diet is not know since its population is on a huge decline. Around 90% of the normal amount of European Eels ariving in European rivers has declined.

The Dragon Moray Eel is usually found in the warmer waters of Hawaii, South Japan and near South Korea. Its length is around .90 m or 90 cm long. The Eel makes its home in the corals and in the rocks inside reefs and hide  until darkness when they go hunting. The Dragon Moray's diet consists of small fish and a small part of it, cephalopods.

The Whitemouth Moray Eel's length is an average of around 1 m long. It is usually the most commonly seen Eel in reefs like the Great Barrier Reef. Its diet consists of small fish, crustaceans and cephalopods. They also live near Hawaii's reefs. They are, as adults, 3 to 4 ft long (1 to 1.2 m) and are relatively lightweight. Their diet consists of many different types of fish that pass by where they live.



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