Sea Snakes have been known to posses very deadly venom that can even kill humans. Many of the species of Sea Snakes live in or near the Great Barrier Reef and usually in tropical water. But some of these snakes have such a horrible venom that they cannot kill anything with it and rarely paralyze any small fish.



The Horned Sea Snake lives fully in the water and is very venomous. It was named Horned because of the horns it has above its eyes. Its main diet consists of small fish usually gobies. The Horned Sea Snake's habitat is around Australia and the Southeast part of Asia. The Horned Sea Snake can also reach lengths up to 130 cm (1.3 m) long. Its color ranges form brown to grey and cream. They are usually active when the sun sets and starts hunting in coral reefs. Its home is usually in between rocks.

The Turtle Headed Sea Snake lives near Australia and the South Asian part of Indonesia . Their venom is very weak being the weakest and their fangs are 1 mm long. Their diet is mainly fish eggs they search in reefs hopefully unguarded. Most nests are left without parents. The Great Barrier Reef is where they are mainly found and rarer near South Asia. Their color ranges from Dark metallic blue to a bit brighter blue. Its length is around 2-4 ft (0.6096-1.2192 m) and weighs around 3 lb (1.5 kg)

The Olive Sea Snake's color ranges from brown to olive and are found near Australia in reefs. It hunts different species of fish and usually hunts fish who are hiding in cracks. They have been known to bite divers even if their fangs are short. Their venom has been known to be fatal to humans. Its length is around 3-7 ft long (1-2.2 m) and weighs around 6 lb when adult.

The Beaked Sea Snake has been known for being very easily provoked and has the most known bite cases related to it. It lives in the Indian ocean and around the Northern part of Australia. Facts prove that the venom it has can kill 50 people with it which makes it even more deadly than land snakes like the Cobra.

The Stokes' Sea Snake lives only to the North part of the Australian coast. Small portions of the NorthWest and NorthEast ocean sides of Australia. It usually stays in the surrounding parts of The Great Barrier Reef. The Snake has been known to be one of the largest snakes with a length of around 2 m and a width of around 26 cm. Its diet is very small consisting only of a few certain species of fish: the Bluespot Jawfish, numerous fish of the Cardinalfish family and small parts of the Toadfish family.

The Sea Krait lives in the shallow parts of reefs patrolling the areas to find fish and eels to eat. Their venom is 10 times stronger than rattlesnake poison but rarely bite humans.

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